How it Works

Finding a Kamrad

We offer different plans to suit each need. Select the best plan for you and start finding Kamrads today.


Not sure where you want to go? No problem! Search through the list of destinations listed for your convenience.


You will be alerted in your account once a match has been found. You can then choose to connect with the Kamrad match or wait for another one.

Frequently Asked Question

Kamrad Finder is not a travel planning agency. We will only connect you with individuals that share the same travel interests.

Your personal information will not be shared with other's when being matched. The username provided during sign up is what your match will see.

Please contact us through the contact page or email telling us your destination and we will get it added for you.

You will not be refunded if matches are not found. However, please keep in mind that you maybe matched up until your date of travel.